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Post  Plum on Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:27 pm

Name: ALi



Were do u live:USA arizona

Experience?:Yes I have been a GM in 3 other PServers (Subway ms, chosen ms and cloudystory ms) <<<<<< they got shut down sadly - sorry it never came to mind that I should take a picture of myself being GM and doing GM stuff sorry again =[

How can u help?You guys should choose me as a GM simply because I am very responsible. I have lots of experience being a GM, I always do what you would tell me to unless it is a regular player telling me to do something, I am a very good advertiser, and I will never fail what you tell me to do unless it is the impossible.

Got any new ideas:? i have ideas for events and mabye for server but at the moment no!!

How long u will be online:i will be online for 5-6 hours a day

Can u code:Sorry none at the moment I tried learning from a friend but is now going to college/university


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