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Post  Chris on Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:41 pm

Name: Chris

Age: 13

Were do u live: Boston, Massachusetts

Experience?: I have been a GM on a couple of servers. I've hosted my own, and been a GM on 2. ShockMS and DominationMS. I hosted the server that I owned with David and my brother. We quit and decided to join one, not create one. I don't have screenies for ShockMS and my most recent one, DominationMS. David has some screenies but im not sure if I do. ill try to pull up some lol.

How can u help? I mostly like to chill with friends online, chat, help people out with problems. I try as hard as I can to help someone out. Even if I cannot fix the problem, I find someone who can, or something. Other people actually get annoyed of people asking them for something, I dont mind. Even if it takes hard work or anything, I will still try to achieve it. ^^

Got any new ideas:? I will bring new ideas to events, new advancements on the forums, websites, and more. I have a few ideas for events but im not sure if they're any good. Razz

How long u will be online: Im online for about aslong as I can which is mostly 4-5 hours.

Can u code: No, but i can learn. xD

Anything Else?: Thanks for reading my application. Btw David is my cousin if your wondering....


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