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Post  Takoyaki on Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:35 am

Name:Vega(My name is in chinese so i'll just use this name)


Were do u live:Singapore

Experience?:I know basically how private server works since i maded a few myself with different kinds of repacks.I know how to do wz editing like change the Nexon title when you start the game to Nexon Sucks.I speak English,Chinese and Basic Japanese.Im online most of the time but at Saturday i online till evening,Sunday i only onlien at night.Weekdays i online most of the time since im a Hikikomori.

How can u help?Host Events(I like those) Assist you if you need help?

Got any new ideas:? Will have some when i play the server longer then i will tell you about it.

How long u will be online:As long as you want!

Can u code:Java?c++? no Smile i know abit though still learning Java( boolean ) and C++ i only make the HelloWorld.exe and still haven gotten any further.

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