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Post  YukeSuto on Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:43 am

Name: YukeSuto

Age: Im 14 years old

Were do u live: Im a german, i live in germany/berlin.

Experience?: Been Playing maple since 2006, and were a GM in 3 different Private servers that got closed by nexon.

How can u help?: I will help by doing the following ~ Host events, make videos advertiments for the server, always help the memmbers.. i will try my best to help out !

Got any new ideas ?: Well an non-hamachi server would be pretty good.. i have problems with hamachi since its really laggy for me..

How long u will be online: Right now 3~5hours a day without hamachi (less laggy) maybe 5+ hours a day.

Can u code: Nop, sorry.

Hope you liked my application and thanks for reading ! ~ Yuke


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