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Post  brEaKeR on Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:13 am

Hi people. and thanks for reading this topic.

I have experienced in being a gm. After all these years, i learnt how not to fool around with gm powers, learnt how i should alway listen to the head owner of the private server, and not annoy anyone with warp powers. (Unless necessary)
I do not warp to people, and summon high level monsters when they dont want to, because that's just abusing.
GM's aren't meant to do that, and that's why i dont.

I cant really help in the coding, because i am not 100% perfect. (i might make mistakes)
At most i could do for a standard gm is to patrol around, looking for hackers. I would track them down if necessary.

My special ideas are that the golden maple leaves should be like a thing that you use for an item. Because u pay a billion mesos for one, and it doesnt even do anything. This is what i planned for u guys to do:
-5 golden maple leaves: 150 atk WG
-20 golden maple leaves: 1000 atk stormcaster gloves
-100 golden maple leaves: Wizet Invincible Hat (GM Hat)
-1 golden maple leaf: 1 Gm Scroll

Like i said a couple of lines ago, im not 100% perfect. I dont think u would make me code, because i might ruin the script.

Briefly, i'm a loyal person, and wouldn't threaten anyone with the GM powers, like 'move or banned', because they are not doing anything wrong.

Thank you everyone for reading this form.

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