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Post  DontForgetToCallMe on Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:42 am

Name: Ryan Harper


Were do u live:US, Massachusetts, im scottish, im irish, and I love to find out new stuff about the world and all the cultures. America gets boring after a while, i wish to go liv in Europe but America is fine.

Experience?:I am a GM on another server recently, and i enjoy it and i do not abuse my GM rights and if i were to see a hacker i will get his name and brign it up to the chief in command {BjackOwner}, and i am good at scripting the Wz files, also i think i could bring a lot of new stuff to this server. I can make youtube videos to help us recruit and try to get as much people to play as possible.

How can u help?
I can recruit to the server and help out with anything that is needed, i can make really good videos, and i can help bring this server to the wonderworld.
Got any new ideas:?
Yes, i do i can bring some pretty crazy ideas to this server, one i can bring new events{i got a ton of good ideas}... Another thing i can bring ideas to is the server in general and how we could run it with a good responsible way{not like a little kid}

How long u will be online
I play a lot a lil too much actually, but i enjoy it and i love this game i like the fact that i meet new people and i get to know everyones culture just from an online game, also i like the fact that i can learn more languages then i already know, the only language i know is American >.<
Can u code
Ye, i can code not a professional yet but yea i can and im getting to doing the hard stuff with it. I can script the best, but i can code too.
Most important:::::just kidding:::::::
do u like sex?


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