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Post  Michealbest on Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:38 pm

Name: Micheal

Age: 14

Were do u live: Columbus, Georgia

Experience?: Yes, i have been a gm 4 times; and was a admin of a server 2 times; and i made a server b4 my self but it was a back-up server for Forgottenms but we closed it.

How can u help? I can help ppl that get stuck in places, and try to get more ppl to play this server. And i am a nice person. im not the mean gms that dont do anything about it. I will help ppl and do events;

Got any new ideas:? ummmm...not yet but i will think of some. if i like play the server alot, i can get good ideas. ive been playing other servers and stuff so i can get new ideas. let me see...

How long u will be online: Omg, i will be online forever lol. If I like the server alot i will be online all the time; you already know i do cuz im writing this gm app lol. But sometimes i go outside and do other stuff. Sorry; but i dont play on the computer all day but i do play on my computer almost everyday. it be so boring on some days.

Can u code: no, but i be trying to learn how to code and stuff. I think i can code alittle bit. if like yall trying to code something i will like go on google and try to help yall and stuff. I tried to learn to code for the longest but it hard but i will learn someday.

Most important:::::just kidding:::::::
Do You Like Sex? Ummmmm looool. im 14. ill think ill wait. loool. Very Happy


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