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Post  magiclinx on Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:11 pm

Name:Jonathan(IGN MagicLinx)


Were do u live:Florida,US

Experience?:Much i made my own servers i have been gm in other servers lots of others some big ones and ive been making server ever since you could like titan and Odin I have Done Alot.

How can u help?I am really friendly i can make videos make banners i cant code a whole lot but i try im not mean to anyone i can get people alot of people online and some other things.

Got any new ideas?:If for the server then no because its amazingly awesome!!!!

How long u will be online: I can be online every day sometimes 24 hours sometimes only like 12 or 16 and i can be on when you need me.

Can u code: Not a whole lot but i do try.

I will do the best i can if u accept. =D


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