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Post  smexyness on Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:13 pm

Name: Hi my name is mallissa\IGN:smexyness

Age: I am 14 yrs old srry i'm so young :DD but very useful.

Were do u live: I live in canada\quebec\montreal it's very nice down here i like living here.

Experience?: I have a little experience i being a GM for about 2 weeks i played on my brothers server but then he closed it down for some reason i know most codes for GM
monster, armor weps etc. i know most map codes.

How can u help?: I can help in lots of ways if people don't know where they're going i can help them easily i know the maple world very well for ex. if there on victoria island and whant to go to ludibrium i'll tell them to take the boat from ellinia to orbis and then the train from orbis to ludi or in most private servers there are NPC's that can tele you there.

Got any new ideas:? It depends on wut you've already done you can customize the stats of a hat than give it to everyone as a starter pack item i would love to help customize them if you don't know how cuz i do XD.

How long u will be onlinemost likely aslong as the servers on almost 5-12 hrs a day depends if my freind whant to go out that day but i'll be mostly on all the time (very active).

Can u code sadly no but i can customize stats of items and make good looking sites if you ever whant to move your server.

thanks for your time D.

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