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Post  buckie1818 on Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:27 am

Name: Mark (ign: PainTrain)

15 in 2 days Very Happy

Were do u live:
3 years global maplestory, 2 years private

How can u help?
i would like to be a gm to help other maplers in your private server because i know that with my near 5 years experience i can help just about any problem. If there is a fight, i seperate them and ask for their side of the story and then ill ask them together to see if there story's have changed. I have no respect for hackers and i will instanstly ban them without a seconds thought.

Got any new ideas:?

How long u will be online
2 years week days (school), weekend just about nearly everyday both days. school holidays nearly everyday again unless going on holiday

Can u code
no i cant but i want to learn how to

Most important:::::just kidding:::::::
do u like sex? ofcourse my friend Very Happy

Yours Truly
~ Mark (PainTrain)


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