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Post  Apohium on Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:15 pm

-Joshua Prioste


Were do u live:
-Canada, Ontario

-BenevolenceMS - 3 weeks full gm power.
-JPMS - owned for a week... died because of insufficient funding.
dont think these matter cause its World of Warcraft but...
-MaxenWoW - 2 months as Admin
-InfinityWoW - 5 months Event GM

How can u help?
-I make teh players happy. Events = my middle name (not really).
-Someone breaks a rule, ima jail em unless told i can ban em (had to say this for legal purposes).
-I will actually respond to players when whispered, but only when i got whispers on.

Got any new ideas:?
-Jump quest at Ghost Chimney, not many know of it but its the hardest JQ in maplestory.
-Survival, the map before temple of golems, but super neckis on the platforms with players, the golems that insta kill at the bottom, and the last one standing on the platform wins.
-"Heroes", get a minimum of 2 guilds, 1 in each town, spawn a certain amount of different types of monsters (all the same in differing towns, ex. 1snail and 48 balrogs in ellinia,henesys and perion) first guild to kill all the monsters in the town, wins.

How long u will be online
-I have no life, no job and no girlfriend, i can pretty much play 24/7

Can u code
Not much, but i know a bit of Visual Basic o.0 ii made a memory game that has 10 levels, starting with 3 numbers and working its way up to 12 all the numbers are random so every time u do a new lelvel the numbers change. i know its simple but... it got my mark in school up to a 96% Very Happy

Most important:::::just kidding:::::::
do u like sex?
ima go with yes even though i never have, YET.


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