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Buckie's GM APP!! Empty Buckie's GM APP!!

Post  buckie1818 on Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:16 am

Name: Andrew Buckenara (Buckie)

IGN: xXxBuckiexXx

Age: 13 years old

Were do u live: QLD, Brisbane, Australia

Experience?: None as an GM but have been playing private servers for about 2 years now.

How can u help? I would be kind to every member of BlackJackMS and treat them in an kind and humerous way. I would deffitely try my best as an GM as i have never been one before. I could probably donate within the future, and Deffitely vote every 24hrs.

Got any new ideas:? None for now, just joined BlackJackMS, i think you've done a terrific job! Very Happy

How long u will be online:? Every weekend if not going away or a family occasion, and about 3 days during the week for about 2hrs each.

Can u code?: Cant Code, Sorry...


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