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Post  Codez on Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:00 pm

Name: Dahil (This is my nickname. Don't abuse me and say this is some Indian name or something lol.)

Age: 15

Were do u live: Boston, Massachusetts

Experience?: I have been a GM on a couple of servers. I made a server with my bro and cousin at one time. I was a Gm on Domination story and Summer story. I forgot to take screenies on DominationMS. I deleted all my SummerStory Photos. D:. My cousin (David) may have some of Domination with us. I will ask him if he has any.

How can u help? One of the things I most likely do when I join a new server is advertise. Im great with photoshop and can make banners, pics, and etc... I'll try to get our server to the top^^.

Got any new ideas:? Usually, my friends and I from school play Maple together. I've been looking for a server with my cousin, brother and friends to all just chill on. We thought this would be the greatest one. Very Happy.

How long u will be online: I usually go on for about 4 hours or more. Due to school starting I have to fill out forms and etc.... Im starting to look for a job and stuff. I still will be on but not as active until I settle things a little.

Can u code. im learning how to code C++, PHP. Im not sure if Im any good at it lulz.


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